Communities and Events Committee

All Communities and Events Committee Meetings takes place at 7.30 pm in the Council Office, Village Road, Denham, Bucks, UB9 5BN 
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Aims and Objectives of the Committee
  • To ensure that the work of the Council is communicated to all stakeholders as efficiently and quickly as possible
  • To organise and arrange events across the Parish for the whole community
  • To identify the wishes and concerns of the residents by regular and relevant survey and drop in events
  • To enrol groups of ‘volunteers’ we are able to call upon as needs arise
  • Regular and adequate Training of Committee Members
  • Recruitment of volunteers
  • Fundraising
  • Use and scope of Website and Social Media
Committee Members

Councillors Details

Cllr William Davey
Cllr Marilyn Hogan -Chairman
Cllr Amarjeet Hans
Cllr Guy Hollis
Cllr Sylvia Jefferys
Cllr Sharon Williams
Cllr Samuel Sproul - Vice Chairman

24 Jan 23


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